2022 Undergrad Grant Recipients

$5,000 - Christopher Polera at University of Central Florida, research entitled "Reprogramming pancreatic tumors via FUBP1 inhibition"

$5,000 - Roman Voskoboynikov and adviser Justin DiAngelo at Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus, research entitled "The regulation of lipid transport and metabolism by the splicing factor glorund in the Drosophila intestine"

$3,500 - Jeremy Nelson and adviser Kenneth Kwan at University of Michigan, research entitled "Cortical alterations following deletion of Weidemann-Steiner syndrome gene Kmt2a"

$5,000 - Victoria Glass and adviser Claudia Grillo at University of South Carolina School of Medicine, research entitled "Identification of Hypothalamic Neurons Involved in a Novel Circuit that Regulates Feeding Behavior"

$4,000 - McKenna Spencer and adviser Ryan McLaughlin at Washington State University, research entitled "Cannabis Use in Females: Influence of ovarian hormones on cannabis vapor self administration in female rats"

$3,000 - Branwen Jorenby and adviser Matthew Beckman at Augsburg University, research entitled "Developing a CRISPR Design to Disrupt Hedgehog in Drosophila melanogaster"

$4,000 - Addison Thompson and adviser Ryan McLaughlin at Washington State University, research entitled "Using Rodent Models to Interrogate Effects of Cannabis Use During Pregnancy on the Postpartum Phenotype"

$3,500 - Stevie Rieger and adviser John Letterio at Case Western Reserve University, research entitled "Targeting Cathepsin B to Overcome Radiation Resistance in DIPG"

$2,500 - Caitlyn Bartsch and adviser Jacob Nordman at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, research entitled "Synaptogenesis and Early Life Stress Induced Aggression (ELSIA)"

$4,500 - Laura Clark and adviser Santiago at Virginia Commonwealth University, research entitled "Role of Glycosphingolipids in Cell Migration and Invasion in Cancer"

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