CABRI is a private foundation nonprofit located on the research campus of Cayman Chemical Company, a global biomedical research company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since our beginnings in 2005, we have been dedicated to helping those poorly served by the for-profit medical and pharmaceutical establishment. Our three main focal areas are:

  • Rare disease research including:
    o Congenital lamellar icththyosis Type I
    o SNUC (sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma)
    o Mastocytosis
  • B-cell lymphoma research
  • Basic research support including PI grants, undergraduate work/study grants and research travel grants

CABRI is committed to researching, treating, and understanding rare cancers such as SNUC, orphan diseases and genetic defects. Many rare diseases remain without sufficient funding for research due to lack of awareness. CABRI is fighting to change this reality and extend compassionate support to those affected and their families. Our SNUC research is focused on studying the entire DNA composition of SNUC tumors to pinpoint each mutation and alteration with respect to the normal human sequence.


President & Director – Dr. Kirk Maxey
Treasurer – Genia Richards
Director – Stephen Barrett
Director – Inés Morano
Director – Jeff Johnson
Secretary – Karla Yurgaites



Current Collaborators:

  • Karolinska Institute – Dr. Sven-Erik Dahlen
  • Dresden University – Dr. Stefan Zwingenberger
  • University of Colorado -Dr. Miguel Gijon
  • Cayman Chemical Company – Dr. Kirk Maxey
  • DKFZ – Dr. Peter Krieg
  • University of Michigan-Department of Otolaryngology – Dr. Lawrence Marentette, Dr. Erin McKean, Dr. Chad Brenner