Donor Conceived

CABRI offers genetic testing to compare DNA between members of our database searching for a biological link between donor conceived persons and donors. The use of donated sperm and eggs as part of the process of human assisted reproductive techniques (ART) has never been properly regulated. Instead, it developed under the influences of secrecy and anonymity, driven mainly by profit motives. After many decades, these policies have created a large cohort of donor conceived people and their families who have been denied knowledge of their biological relatives and access to their ancestral and medical history.

CABRI’s Donor Conceived Services employ Advanced Reproductive Techniques (ART) to provide support and resources for donor conceived individuals, as well as bring improvement to the genetic field as a whole.

This branch of CABRI includes many facets:

– Storing biological samples. CABRI stores DNA specimens of known donors so that they may be matched with relatives in the future.

– Matching donor conceived offspring with biological semen donor and siblings. By analyzing the Short Tandem Repeats (STR markers) on males’ Y-chromosomes and females’ X-chromosomes, we attempt to match donor conceived individuals with known semen donors and half-siblings.


Although extremely prevalent, the process of donor insemination remains largely unregulated, creating much medical and personal distress among the donor conception community. While nearly 50,000 women each year undergo insemination, the testing, record keeping and quality control regulations for semen donors are inadequate.

CABRI’s ultimate goal is to implement comprehensive changes in the medical practice, health regulation and legislation surrounding the donor insemination process. We strive to put an end to fraudulent practices that can occur in fertility clinics, help prevent the transmission of genetic diseases, and provide donor conceived individuals with access to their personal medical history.


DNA kits – Free

DNA Extraction from Buccal Swabs

Y-STR 37 markers$120
Y-STR 67 markers$215
Y-STR 111 markers$340
Upgrade Y-STR 37 to 67 markers$95
Upgrade Y-STR 25 to 67 markers$115
Upgrade Y-STR 67 to 111 markers$70

DNA Extraction from Semen Samples

Viable/Nonviable Vial XY STR (Panel 1 and 37 markers) Although CABRI can test viable semen samples, this process will render them non-viable, where they can no longer be used for artificial insemination procedures.       $170

Nonviable Sample Storage
$180/year for 1-5 vials of Nonviable Semen Samples
($10 additional per year for each additional vial)


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